TARDIS - Trans-Atlantic Research & Development Interchange on Sustainability

The TARDIS 2016 Workshop was the sixth in a series of meetings on scientific topics related to sustainability. It was held at Schloss Seggau in Leibnitz, Austria in October 2016 and dealt with Growth and/or Sustainable Development.

The first workshop was held on the subject of modelling and sustainability at Schloss Seggau in Leibnitz, Austria in October 2004.

Subsequent workshops were held in 2006 at the YMCA of the Rockies on the underlying scientific principles of sustainability and in 2008 at Schloss Seggau on energy and sustainability. TARDIS 2012 workshop took up the topic of time and time-frames for sustainability, again at Schloss Seggau. TARDIS 2014 was held in Estes Park, discussing policies and technologies for sustainability.

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