Trans-Atlantic Research & Development Interchange on Sustainability 2006       A Scientific Workshop

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  • Background:
    The TARDIS 2006 Workshop is the second in a series of meetings on scientific topics related to sustainability. The first workshop was held on the subject of modeling and sustainability in Schloss Seggau in Leibnitz, Austria on October 2004. The TARDIS 2006 Workshop is being held under joint sponsorship of the U.S. EPA, Office of Research and Development and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education.
  • Objective:
    The purpose of the Workshop is to explore the fundamental scientific understanding of sustainability. The Workshop is, therefore, devoted to exploring the following questions which all participants will be expected to address in their lectures:
    1. What is the general vision of sustainability or sustainable development that you work with?
    2. What part of the vision is scientifically based and what part is value driven?
    3. What are the underlying scientific principles or criteria that characterize sustainable regimes based on the vision?
    4. What are the main implications for policy and technology that you expect from these principles or criteria?
  • Outcome:
    A statement and listing of the most significant scientific principles from across different disciplines that underlie the concept of sustainability.